Technical Writing Samples

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Bloomberg Installation Guide -- Installation guide used by engineers for the Bloomberg service, 1998

Bloomberg Technical Reference - Excerpt -- 20 (out of 120) Pages from the Bloomberg Field Service Reference Guide, 1998, for Technical Personnel

CosmoCom CSR Guide -- User guide for CosmoCom Customer Service Representative application, 2006

Intellicheck Handheld User Guide -- User Guide for Intellicheck (ICM) handheld identification device, 2010

GTA Installation Guide -- Installation guide for hardware required to use ID Scan application, written for Georgia Technology Authority, 2008

GTA Software Update -- Software update procedure for ID Check application, necessary for use in the state of Georgia, 2009

ID-Check Online Kiosk Ordering -- ICM document (created for GE Money) explaining how to order handheld or freestanding kiosks for consumer shows or sales demonstrations, 2008

For good or ill, most companies nowadays do not want ex-employees sharing any of their "proprietary" information. So, if the links to samples given below aren't enough, you have my apologies.

Marketing Samples

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FiXS Handout -- Created for ICM to promote FiXS (Federation for Identity and Cross-Credentialing Systems) buy-in for Intellicheck customers

Fugitive Finder Handout -- "Gatefold" brochure to sell IM 2100 Fugitive Finder system to governmental agencies

ID-Check PowerPoint Presentation -- Sales presentation illustrating ICM ID-Check system to potential customers. This will automatically download, or you must download it, to view

IM 2101 Handout -- Brochure for IM-2101 Handheld ID system (hardware & software solution)

IM 5100 Handout -- Brochure for IM-5100 Defense ID complete system

Miscellaneous Samples

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Quick Styles (MS Word) Demo -- This was created in Captivate in 2007 (the last time I had access to a personal copy of that application) to demonstrate an e-learning module, including a short quiz at the end. It could be much improved, but that will have to wait


CMT Help -- I created this TWiki (wiki) site for my most recent employer, before they decided to move the documentation effort to a Canadian office. It is still (and may forever be) "under construction."

NOTE–This site was recently taken down due to a restructuring of CMT and its merger with another company.

A website such as this one, is like a life: it needs constant improvement and change, or else it is a dead thing.

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